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      Been playing with Space pedal for about 2 weeks now. I am loving it, the more time I spend with it the better it gets.

      What does the amp/line selector do, adjust volume?

      I am asking because for certain algorithms the line level makes the preset sound more detailed. Others algorithms like hall sound better with the amp level. 

      Is there anything I can do about this in a live situation without having to use two Space pedals.



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      Eventide Staff

      Strictly speaking, the purpose of the gain switches is to adjust the pedal to the input and output signals needed. But, if you have a low output guitar, you may prefer the gain boost you get by going in guitar and coming out line. Or not.

      If you want to achieve this in a live situation you can adjust the preset output level to boost the gain by 6 dB where desired – this is about the same as the output level switch. See UM p.16

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      Thank you for the help. 


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