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      Im sure its been asked before but is there any chance of an overdrive stomp box in the factor series?

      or even incorporating some of the overdrives, compressors, fuzz Algorithms from Eclipse to H9?

      Im sure this would be no easy feat but the versatility of adding a "Drivefactor" setup to compliment TF, H9 and others – no doubt the sound would be incredible and second to none compared to the other subpar stuff thats out there.

      I'd love to see the range get further expanded to offer a premium range of overdrive and or amplifier Algorithms these could easily demand a higher price than whats currently available.


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      This would truly be the "missing piece of the puzzle" to compete with Line 6's DM-4, now-defunct AM-4 and all the Pods which are simply awful.  Fizzy, shrill, lacking any warmth and built like crap.  I don't care if the Edge has custom versions in his rack.

      The piece-de-resistance would be to include just a single 12AX7 in the box with the DSP controlling the bias, gain, EQ and timbre modelling to "round out" the target tone.  Sorta like a BK Butler Tube Driver to the max complete with 10 knobs worth of tone shaping, MIDI and memory presets!

      If nothing else, Dynamic Distortion 2 with Forced Feedback from the Eclipse would be a welcomed port to the H9.

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