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      Been mentioned before I know, but I've just bought a PF and first time out at a rehearsal and confusion reigned. I was wishing I had written down patch numbers and settings. Shouldn't be necessary in this day and age. How about a scrolling display of the name, but allow the editing only in the Librarian utility, just to keep the name creation process uncomplicated.

      I am now seriously considering a TF based on  my experience with the PF and the quality of the effects, but what would sway me would be a longer loop time. I have tried one in the shop and at half speed you get 24 seconds, quality is OK, but at quarter speed (48 seconds) quality is poor. Now these units all have USB connectors so why not allow a USB memory stick to be used to expand the system memory and increase the looper time.

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      i agree, preset naming would make it alot more user friendly

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      I concurr!! The new updates for the Mod & Timefactor are sensational by the way!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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