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      Okay … So i know that there are many DSP nerds out there like myself that make fun eventide patches. I myself have written hundreds.

      So why don't we share them? Wouldn't that be nicee?

      What if I started a little website that facilitated this, ala ?

      Orville Forever,


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       Go for it, highly appreciated! Many thanks!

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      Lets stay in touch on this!  With my work on the patch librarian, I've been toying with access to a patch library via the http protocol over the network.  It would be cool to have some kind of search function right in the librarian that knows how to access a patch repository on the net…


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      Sounds like an awesome idea.

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      Hi Doug,

      Are you still doing any development on VsigX, if so where can I get it?  

      For the record, I would be happy to pay for the software — there are enough users of Eventide products that I am sure, any one us that can afford these, can afford to pay for software.

      Let me know.


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      I'm almost back in the swing of things. I lent my H8000 to a buddy of mine who is using it up at the Different Skies music fest. ( When I get it back next weekend, I plan to start working on vSigX again. I've added a lot of patch librarian functions and I'm setting up an online patch repository that vSigX can communicate with, plus I want to put the finishing touches on the text editing tool that I added in.

      BTW, anybody have an Eclipse I can borrow for a couple months?


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      Web based would be great! I was looking around earlier today for patches online and found nothing. Odd indeed! This may also help encourage people to get into the platform more like the Reaktor user community seems to. Does anyone offer commercial patches?

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      Sorry, just noticed this…

      I know that Eventide used to sell extra sets of patches, but I don't know if anyone else did or does.  There used to be a dedicated H8000 guy (Pulver maybe?) who was quite active a while back in creating new patches, but I haven't seen anything from him in a while.  I've been offline a lot in the last couple years, so it could be that I'm just not looking in the right place…

      I think the biggest problem with commercial patches is that there is no copy protection and the Internet makes it too easy to share things, so as a patch developer, you don't get much return on your investment.  That said, I think a shared patch resource would be a good thing for Eventide users and that's why I'm building the patchlibrary web site.  My only hesitation is about finding a way to make sure that I don't store commercial patches.  Before I go online, I'm going to talk to a lawyer about the privacy and usage agreements…

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