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      Hi there,

      I want to try some Dsp patches on vsig and I've got  communication going between my pc and the unit, and I've been able to pull patches off the 4000 onto my screen, but not back to the unit, a quick message flashes up and then it stays on the previous loaded patch. 

      This may be a stupid question but do I need a PCMCIA card in order for the unit to load the vsig patch? There is no mention of a need of the card in the vsig manual, and I don't have a manual for the 4000, and so far can't find the answer on line. 

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      Eventide Staff

      It would be helpful to know what the message was. It was probably saying that it did not like the sigfile you were sending it for some reason.

      Probably too big or using too many resources – try starting with a very small/simple one.

      You should not need a PCMCIA card to use Vsig.

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      thanks for that quick reply Nick and the info, I seem to be getting bits working gradually but seems a bit buggy.

      I got the unit receiving patches, and did a quick test where i changed the text only on a reverb patch from it's banks, and it worked. But afterwards I tried to send a very simple patch whilst working through the manual, worked ok, then I tried to add a knob, but then it didn't work. I tried multiple times to send and sometimes an error would come up. I don't know it off hand but I'll check soon and get back to you, thanks again.

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