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      I'm using an AUX switch set to the PDL option and I'm not sure that it's working as intended.  I'm using my expression pedal to control both depth and feedback and I normally have it set somewhere in the middle of the range.  When I step on the AUX switch, both the depth and feedback go to the maximum values programmed by the expression pedal as desired.  However, when I take my food off the AUX switch, the depth and feedback go down to the minimum programmed value, not the previously selected values somewhere in the middle where I'd like them.

       Is there a way to set this so that the PDL options works so that when the pedal is engaged the values go to the max and when it's disengaged it returns to the previously selected values, not the absolute minimum?  If not, can you add that ability to the next version?



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      Hi Alex,

      Currently the AUX Switch PDL option toggles between the low and high values of the Expression Pedal assignments. I have added your suggestion to the feature requests to be considered in a future release.

      A current workaround would be this:

      When you save a Preset, it saves at whatever position the Expression Pedal is currently set to. So if you want your Preset to sound like the Expression Pedal is in the middle, move the Expression Pedal to the middle and save the Preset. 

      Now save that same Preset to the other location in the same Bank. You should have a Bank with two identical Presets.

      With this setup, after you use your AUX Switch (set to PDL) to change the sound, you can load the other Preset in that Bank and it will be like resetting the PDL back to the middle.  


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