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      Hi guys,

      I just bought my new amp (a matchless clubman 35 with a series loop without level control)

      and i have the time factor, pitch factor and the mod factor in the loop.

      I set the pedal switch to line on all the pedal and i still have the peak led on all the time.

      I don't know what to do since i don't have any loop volume on the amp…

      Well if someone can help with that, it would be great!

      Best regards,


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      Oh and i did try to lower the db output without any good result.

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      Oh and i did try to lower the db output without any good result.

      You mean the preset output gain in the first stompbox in the chain?  Also, when you say that the peak LED is on all of the time, do you mean on the first stompbox in the chain? Are you hearing clipping?

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      here is a clip.

      Gkellum, yep , i was talking about the output gain of the preset.I did try to lower on the first pedal in the chain, all of them….Peak led still on.

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      I have the same amp, and the same problem. I have posted about this too.

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      Luckily someone here has that amp at home. He's going to check it out at home and see what happens. The FX send is likely just a hot signal, but maybe, we'll be able to figure out the best way to deal with that.

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      Cool 🙂 i really need to find a solution to use my rig with this amp 

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      I hope you'll find a simple solution, but in the worst case, you can add a reamping box (for example radial). I've already tested this workaround (not with the H9 though) and it works.

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      Thanks for looking into this. 

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      Yes that's a solution, however the H9 should have an input gain capable of handling this, as far as I see it, this is an oversight in design of the H9. Most highend effect rack units have input gain reduction, including most eventide products from the past.

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      Hi, you mean, put a reamp box in the loop and adjust the signal of the loop with it?

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi Gabriel Fusion,

      I have a Matchless Clubman 35' as well at home.  It's an older one, I think a 1992 but I'm going to give it a try.

      Can you tell us your exact settings on the amp and which input you're using?

      As well, looks like from your avatar your Clubman has reverb?


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      I have the same head, same issue. If the amp is set to clean (gain low) this issue does not happen, but then what's the point of running such a nice amp clean 🙂

      No reverb, settings are as follows

      input high

      gain 12 oclock

      bass 9/10 oclock

      treble 12 oclock

      brilliance 11 oclock

      master volume 1 o'clock 

      ive tried the the low gain input as well, the effects loop issue is present using that input as well.

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      Hi sir, no reverb on mine 😉

      Well, if i put the volume (gain preamp, not the master) around 1 or 2 (clean) i don't get any peak problems.

      It's just when i push the preamp around 4 or more, it peaks.

      It's sad since i want to push the amp and kick with an od uh!

      But well, for now, im using it clean and i really like my hiwatt od stomp.

      But i got an other question for you ,

      how do i delete some preset? I would like to have let's say, 4-5 banks on each pedal so it would be easy to get back to the first bank without having a midi controller.

      Thx again for the answer

      (As you can see on my pic, i love your product 😉 

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      how do i delete some preset? I would like to have let's say, 4-5 banks on each pedal so it would be easy to get back to the first bank without having a midi controller.

      We don't have a function for deleting presets, but there is a function for limiting the bank range.  If you only want your stompbox to step through 4 banks, you can set the bank range to 4 banks and after the 4th bank it will wrap around to the first bank again.  You can set this either in the stompbox's system settings screen or in H9 Control by clicking on the Pedal button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen and going to General Settings / Bank Range.

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      FX Loops are problematic in amps … the input peaking LED could be due to a resonant peak caused by a reactive impedance mismatch. Have you tried placing a buffer pedal as the first item in your FX chain? This may help you by creating a broadband impedance match for the amp's FX send, and the inputs to any FX tied to it.

      Give that a shot, I am betting that will clear this annoying problem up. If you have a Boss EQ pedal, that has a buit in buffer. There are dedicated pedals that will do the job.

      The best of luck to you!!!

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      Last question for you guys,

      how can i change preset name with my pc if i got 2 used eventide already register ? 

      Changing name preset on board is way too long lol


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      Suggesting impedance problems means that either the amp fx loop or the effect is poorly designed at least!

      Sometimes people calls amp fx loop something that actually is preamp output  and power amp input.

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      how can i change preset name with my pc if i got 2 used eventide already register ? 

      If you have the latest stompbox software installed you can do this using H9 Control. If you have earlier software installed, FactorLib supports this functionality as well…

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      If you look at the schematic you can see what is happening.  That amp has an unbuffered effects loop that is driven off of the preamp volume directly before it hits the phase inverter.   It's possible you could be seeing 40VAC or more on that signal if you have the preamp volume cranked.  This is in no way an Eventide issue, it an amp design issue.  I can't think of any effect in the world that could deal with that signal without clipping if the pre is up high enough without padding the signal

      To pad the signal send the 'send' to a passive volume pedal or passive volume knob in a box, then to your effects, then turn the master up a bit to compensate.  You can use the peak light on the eventide to know when you've got things right.

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      Thx caveman,

      I think i need to call my amp tech to modify the loop….

      Anyway im sure to keep this amp ,

      thx for all your answers guys, really appreciate!

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      instead of modding you amp look for something like a dumbleator, an external tube fx loop that converts your "preamp out/power amp in" into a true usable fx loop.

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