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      I was surfing around Custom Audio Amplification's Bob Bradshaw links about building pedal boards and noticed he used rack gear for building a pedal lift "bridge" where he put all three stompboxes upon, but I have to say that I really need places to stow the many cables that you need to hook em up!

      I have that Furman  SPB-c pedalboard with the hardshell case and wheels…the outlets are too skinny for our wall warts and I need to make sure that nothing is bouncing around…. I am willing to drill through it and whatever it takes to make this the best pedalboard I ever had and the FINAL one too!


      Can anyone make any suggestions

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      I just ordered these:

      Pricey … a bit … but well worth it IMHO.

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      I bought some plywood and a length of pine, cut to size and built a platform for my line 6 Pod X3 Live and then build a shelf system for my TImeFactor, ModFactor and PitchFactor

      Sprayed it black and screwed it to my board works really well for me.



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      That is not "rack gear" but specifically designed Pedal Lifters for supporting pedals off a flat surface pedalboard.

      Bob Bradshaw/CAE

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      I bought the pedal lifters and ditched the Furman power I/O strip… I put a Prime strip and a BBE pwr supply to power the 9V pedals. The output cables  were still unrealized at this point (where to put them on the board) but when you see my next post you will agree that having your cables and AC "high and tight" makes for a much sturdier pedalboard that will last years…


      and what it used to be…

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