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      Weird one. I have rebuilt my pedalboard with the H90 as the heart of it, with an OCD, IRX and boost in 1 insert and a compressor and a 2 notes Opus in the other insert. I control it all with a Morningstar MC6 Pro which works very well. My H90 presets have been written in insert mode with either insert 1 or 2 on but never both.

      The issue I’m having is that after a while playing, everything gets bypassed and the sound is as if there is a direct cable from the input to the output – no insert sounds nor H90 algo sounds. The H90 says it is active and the presets can change etc but I’ve got nothing except the clean unprocessed sound???

      Any ideas what is happening?

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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry for the issues you are having. It sounds like something strange is happening.

      Could you please record a video of when the pedal is in this state, and send it to We can troubleshoot the issue further there.

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