pedalboard order question: before or after Distortion.

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      I'm using a TECH 21 Tri-AC for distortion so in this case, there is no effects loop option.   Are you guys putting the Time Factor before or after your distortion pedal?   It drastically changes the effect characteristics, so I want to know what the best concensus has been so far.   

      Please respond if you have input.

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       AFTER!  Time / swirly effects are usually last in the signal chain.  If you put them in front it'll be a muddy mess.

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       I think it's very rare that you'd ever want to put your delays before your OD's. Beacause you only want your delays to overdrive once, and not go through the overdrive again and again every time it delays, it's the most common setup to have your delays after your OD's. This is where an FX loop on a tube amp comes in handy. When you put your delay in your amp's FX loop, you can even put your delay in the chain past your preamp overdrive.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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