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      I feel frustrated/not comfortable with the Perform Mode. Here is what I feel/think after 1 year of use in different situations.

      Fact :

      • 1st footswitch control the whole Program (Preset A + Preset B),
      • 2nd footswitch control the Preset A available parameters,
      • 3rd footswhitch control the Preset B available parameters.

      After loading a program : You want to bypass or active Preset A or Preset B :

      • You press Perform switch(encoder)
      • You hit FSW2 or FSW3. What you see on the H90 screen is ACTIVE/BYPASS. At this point you have NO idea of what Preset you active or bypass because the UI doesn’t mention it, it’s preset A or B. So you have to remember for each program you use what preset is where.
      • I think that the ACTIVE wording is not enough. ACTIVE P, ACTIVE A, ACTIVE B is less confuse but still not really easy to understand. Maybe a toggle text between action and algorythm ACTIVE A / Digital Delay could be easier to understand what’s the purpose of the switch. When you are on stage, you have other thing to deal that : “Mmm Is the ACTIVE WAH I’ve put is on the Preset A or B cause, I don’t remember ?”

      Another thing : I don’t understand why the role of each perform footswitch must be assigned to Program P (FSW1), Preset A (FSW2), Preset B(FSW3).

      Use case :

      • I want a looper on my Program.
      • I assign the Looper on the Preset B.
      • I’d like to do that after press the PERFORMANCE switch.
        • FSW1 => Record,
        • FSW2 => Play,
        • FSW3 => Stop.
        • (I know, a one button Looper exists but it’s not the point)
      • You actually cannot do this because it’s not allowed to put a performance switch from a preset B on a FSW-P(1) or FSW-A(2).

      I think this “restrictions” are bad : Each of the 6 perform Footswitches should be assigned to everything possible on the program/preset. If the UI became clearer it should works.



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      Eventide Staff


      Sorry for your frustrations and thanks for taking the time to post here.

      We have discussed some options to have different text for different algorithms/presets in Perform Mode to make the UI clearer.

      The restrictions for what parameters can be assigned to what footswitches was done to simplify the UI of the pedal. We may consider changing this in a future update as well.

      You may find a 3-button aux switch or MIDI controller will improve your experience with the H90. This will allow you to assign your footswitch parameters however you want, and you can use the pedal in Select Mode, which will display which presets are currently being used.

      I cannot provide a timeline for when either of the topics you mention may be changed in a future update, but we appreciate your input.


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      Hello and thank you for the quick and appreciate your answer.


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