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      Thanks to great info from the forum here, I was able to connect my PF and M5 via a midi cable (I am new to midi).

      Is there a way now, to use this setup so that when I turn off the PF preset, the M5 turns on?

      Currently, when I select a PF preset I can have it so the M5 is either on or off independent of the PF preset being on or off.  What I want to do is this:

      Have the M5 on as a tape echo (preset one of the M5 and PF).  Turn on PF 1:1 (Classic Crystals) and have the M5 turn off.  Then, when I turn off PF 1:1, the M5 comes back on. Right now, I have to manually manipulate the M5 to turn it off and then back on.


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      The only way I can see is if you get a Aux. Switch and enable MIDI Transmit CC message. M5 needs to see  CC#11 to turn off/on the effect.

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      Any chance you can walk me through how to do that?  Sorry, this is all foreign to me. Embarrassed

      Doing this would let me control the M5 on/off via the Aux the, right?  It would be like moving the button over?

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      Unfortunately I don't have an Aux Switch to tested myself. You’re going to need the manual for this:


      Set up Program Transmit on Preset to Send PC 00 (M5: Preset 1), Page 50 of the manual.

      Hold Encoder Go to: midi -> go to XMT MAP (press) got to -> 1:1 = 00

      Connect your Aux. Switch , Default is Tip- Bypass. (once you connect on of the 3 switches should bypass the effect)

      Set up XMT CC (bottom page 48) to transmit CC#11 to transmit on Tip

      Hold Encoder Go to: midi -> go to XMT CC (press) got to -> [TIP>C11]


      Now Save the PF on Bypass position.

      When you hit the Aux. Switch it will flip/flop tape delay and Crystals


      I don’t know if that works but another way would be to duplicate both presets; 1:2 PF and Preset 2 on M5. If you enable transmit PC save one preset with the PF on and M5 off then the other preset vice versa.



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