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       Hi there !

      someone can help me to read the read a PGM file ?

      Thanks, Marc. 

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      not clear what your request is about.

      Please clarify.


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       Sorry for my bad English, I wanted to say :

      How can I read a PGM file for see others users preset  

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       How can I read on my computer a pgm file to see other users presets

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      Eventide doesn't support presets sharing. 

      Please do not open/edit PGM files on your computer! Any chanmge to them may corrupt Eclipse system, leading to instability, possible corruption or even damage that will require the unit to come back.

      Be nice to your Eventide.


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       Ok Italo, so there is no way to see others users setting for new preset.

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       You have two ways:

      -the user provides you a written detail of parameter settings

      -the user sends you the preset and you upload it to Eclipse

      no other ways to look at parameters settings.

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       Thanks for the awnser and have a good day.

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