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      I've been trying to get the Oxygen-phaser type sounds with my new modfactor and it sounds quite convincing. But there is something in which I consider is failing somehow.

      I assumed the offset for left and right LFOs was going to be 1/4 of phase but it sounds to me it is quite less which is causing to have a not very different output signal on both channels.

      Is there any way to change this?

      This is specially noticiable when using a sine, triangle or peak as modulation wave.

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      Did you try turning the Intensity knob all the way up?

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      Well, that sounds too resonant. Not what I was looking for.

      I've tried different intensities with a triangle (no 2nd modulation source) and a depth af max. I've been changing the stages too.

      I've been thinking that maybe it's just a sonic effect what I perceived because when I speed up the modulator the stereo is much more noticieable. Perhaps it's the way the phasers work and the low speed making different notches being almost parallel in the L and R channels.

      Anyway, thaks for your help.

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      Definitely, the differences in the signal of right and left channels are imperceptible. Could anybody explain why? I was expecting to have a 90º phase diference between them. It's something very common (see

      I'm very dissapointe with the phaser and flanger, which were the main reason I bought the ModFactor.

      On the other side, the ModFilter gets a perfect stereo when the Xnob knob its at maximum. So I can't understand why this happens.

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      I've been doing more testing on this.

      Definitely, the stereo image of phaser and flanger is not working
      right. I was expecting 90º phase difference between the left and right
      channels. Moreover, something similar can be achieved with the
      ModFilter and the Xnob all the way up.

      I can't understand why this was not implemented in these effects. Can
      anybody explain why? Am I doing something really wrong? Can this be
      fixed in a firmware release?

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      I'd also like to see a 'width' parameter added to Flanger and Phaser too. Its currently available with Modfilter, Vibrato and Tremolo i believe…

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      I totally agree.

      Just wanted to add that I think I finally understood
      how the effect is implemented. It is not 2 phasers modulated by 2
      equal signals, one being 90º shifted. Instead, one of the output is the output
      of the phaser and the other is the output after some of the stages
      only. It sounds nice but it is not what I expected as the difference is very subtle.

      Could anybody confirm this?

      Maybe they could add a new effect, which would include your suggestion.

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