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      Hello everybody. My setup xone 92, SendReturn in my timefactor. If I put the mix on 100% wet I have an audible phasing and double of the sound. Is it possible to reduce this phasing? Hope you Unterstand my Problem.

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      Eventide Staff

      The nature of your setup is unclear to me. But, judging from the symptoms, I'm guessing that you are using  send and return to  the TF, with an analog wet/dry mix.

      This almost never works with digital equipment – due to the processing delay, if there is any dry content in the output you will get some phasing or "comb-filtering."

      It's not just an issue with our products. You would do better to use the wet/dry mix in the TF.

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      OK. I would like only the send / return channel of my xone92 used. Anyone any idea or tip how I can reduce the phasing?

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