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      I just want to double check that the phase offset of this block is indeed 0 to 180 degrees (as documented) and not -180 to 180 degrees, or 0 to 360 degrees. It’s a real pain if we can’t spin it an entire phase rotation.

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      Hey Puppeteer,

      It looks like that’s just a typo in the module documentation. The actual range of the parameter should be 0 – 360 degrees. When you click on the phasor module, and then click the phase_offset1 field in the right panel that pops up it should display the Minimum and Maximum values as 0 and 360 degrees respectively.

      Sometimes our documentation has some typos or is out of date so if you’re ever in doubt about the parameter ranges the documentation is telling you, you can always check it against those Minimum and Maximum values.

      Hope that helps.


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      Thankyou for clarifying

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