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      “Three Color Schemes: Normal, Dark, and Colorblind Accessible”


      what does ‘color blind accessible’ connote in this product? it appears in marketing blurbs, but not the manual.

      which *kind* of color blind?

      8% of males with red, green, or red/green blind?

      4% of female with yellow/blue blindness?


      thanks, it would be nice to make a pedal for this instead of a plugin.



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      Eventide Staff

      This scheme is for Tritanopia and Tritanomaly (Yellow/Blue).  The normal and dark themes are already colorblind safe for red-green colorblindness.

      This was more of an issue with SplitEQ because the colors appear close to each other in a lot more places, whereas in Physion Mk II they’re relatively separate, and they always occur in the same place, but we included the themes for continuity across our products.

      Agree that this would be interesting as a pedal as well, but we’d need to address the issues with latency, as the Structural Split requires lookahead to function.

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      “Structural Split requires lookahead to function.” – was wondering how that would work in realtime. :0)

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