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      Hello I'd like to know if there's a way to control the global output volume with the expression pedal plugged in?

      My purpose is not to have to use two
      pedals for fade in effects while using expression possibilities (for a
      few presets I choosed, not for all). Is there another possibility?

      My second question:I've also seen that
      you've tried succesfully the digitech Fs3x footswitch. What have you
      tried for one foot switch only(instead of three)?

      Thank you


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      Hi Matthieu,

      1. You could turn KILLDRY ON and assign the expression pedal to control the MIX knob. When KILLDRY is on the MIX knob becomes a level control for the wet signal. KILLDRY is a global setting, however, so it would eliminate the dry for all presets. If used in an amp's effects loop this could be the way to go.

      2. A single aux switch such as the Boss FS5U will work. It will be T+R in the Aux Switch Menu.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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