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      Hi all

      I've been using my PF for around 12 months now and I hit upon an issue last night that hopefully someone can help me out with. Whilst selecting the Tuner, the PF decided to stall and the Tuner froze. Fortunately I was able to click out of it and tune by ear, however, there was a few glitches when I started to play with the guitar dropping out (a bit like a faulty lead) then it regained momentum and I was back on line. I used the tuner a few more times during the set with intermittent issues but managed to complete the set unscathed.

      Anyone know what the hell happened? Was it to do with power to the unit or could it be a software issue? I don't have the latest version software but that shouldn't result in freezes…. Should it?


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      Eventide Staff

      Most likely power supply – either a faulty part or a glitch on the AC.

      Don't know of a software issue that would do this, but there are reasons why we produce updates..

      Could also be a one-off hardware problem with your unit.

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