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      Hi All,

       Newbie here and to eventide, so forgive me if I am asking daft questions!Geeked

      I am looking at the new Pitch Factor as I have been using separate devices for various things and I am wondering if I can consolidate into one box that will do what I already have plus more?

       I heave listened to the demo and read the spec's etc and I like what I see /hear.

      I have a Digitech EX-7 and from what I can hear the Pitch Factor covers what I need here, the Whammy and the Space Station.

      I also use a Line 6 verbzilla for the octoverb setting.

      1. Can the Pitch Factor do the Shimmer – octoverb style stuff? ie harmonies in the delay to sound synth string like?

       2. Can the Pitch Factor do Electro Harmonic POG / HOG like organ sounds? I have a POG and was thinking of upgrading to the HOG, but if the PF does it then I am there!

       3. Is all editing done on the stompbox? as there was a USB port, I was hoping there would be a Mac (+pc) interface to editing, transferring patches etc.

      thanks in advance


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      1. Yes PitchFactor can do a shimmer-style effect. It's called Crystals.

      2. With the Quadravox effect you can dial in up to four different harmonies on top of your original signal. However, they are not meant to sound like an organ. They sound like your guitar. PitchFactor has several other effects that make your guitar sound like different instruments like a synth trumpet or analog-style bass synth.

      3. There have been no announcements on this yet, but stay tuned. 

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       thanks for the info.

      Really excited about this device!



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