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      Run Duke

      Hi allYes, first post on this forum. I already know many of PF possibilities with an electric guitar.

      After lot of searching I intend to buy the PF but got a few questions before making my decision:

      Can I use it with an electric acoustic guitar ? (Takamine LTD 2006 special edition)

      Can it be used with a synth ? ( Korg Workstation M50)

      Thanks for your reply.

      PS : I already know that it has some difficulties  tracking complex chords but what do you think would  the results be  playing single or two or three notes on an acoustic guitar or a keyboard ?

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      Hi Run,

      You can use PitchFactor with a variety of instruments including synths and acoustic guitar.

      There are ten different effect types. Some are intended to work with single notes while others with with chords. Harmodulator and PitchFlex are definitely able to pitch shift complex chords.

      PitchFactor is a fantastic tool and I'm sure you will find inspiration from it.


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