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      Hey there.

      My mission exp pedal works great with all other effects other than the Pitch Flex effect I’m trying to use it with. I keep on getting a thing that says: expression pedal mappings are disabled when the preset reads directly from the expression pedal…

      Can you tell me how I can map my expression pedal to the Pitch Flex effext on my H9?



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      Eventide Staff

      Hey Ben,

      The PitchFlex algorithm should automatically be mapped to the expression pedal on the H9.  You'll see HEEL and TOE parameter knobs in the interface which set the pitch shift amounts for those positions on an expression pedal.  

      Are you not hearing any pitch shift with any of the Factory Presets?  What happens when you press the FLEX button in Control or use an AUX switch?

      By design, all of the "standard" 10 knob parameters CANNOT be mapped to expression in this algorithm.

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      Hi – I searched and found this post. Describes what I’m experiencing too. I have 2 expression pedals and both had always worked great. Now neither seems to be working in the ways I recall.

      In particular, I had a setting for the octave down in Black Keys’ Lonely Boy that had always worked.

      a) I seem to recall having set that myself but I could be wrong

      b) Yesterday, I could only get the flex to happen by hitting “flex” on H9 control – the expression pedal did nothing. Obviously, using a hand to flex dusing hte guitar part isn’t really practical.

      Any ideas what might be going on? Also – is there a “flex” footswitch functon on the H9 itself? 



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