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      I've been installing the 3.5.0 beta on my 3 stomp pedals It worked fine with the timefactor and the modfactor but there is trouble with the pitchfactor. At first the updater doesn't recognize the pedal so I have to put it into update mode. After that it seems to install fine until the end when it tries to restore where it comes up with the error "Cannot relocate the device, attempt #1…" At this point it just keeps attempting to restore. Any idea what the issue might be?

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      Eventide Staff

      Probably some kind of computer problem. Try different cables and a different computer. Make sure all other USB devices are disconnected. If you are still unsuccessful, try support@evetide.com

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      Thanks for the response but I'm not sure that's the issue, the other two Eventide stomp boxes were upgraded with no difficulty using the same computer setup.


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      I am having this exact same problem with my Pitchfactor. My Space updated just fine using all the same cables and computer. "Cannot relocate the device, attempt #" has become a real frustration. Been trying to resolve this for the last two days. Is my pedal going to be able to function again if I can't get this update to complete itself?

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      I had the same problem with my Pitchfactor. I updated my timefactor just fine but my pitchfactor installed the update but it was glitchy and all my presets were lost – didn't loose them on the timefactor.

      Plus, preset dumps from previous firmware update wouldn't work in the new PF update!

      I had to roll back the update. So weak

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