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      I love my pedal. The MicroPitch, H910/949, PitchFlex and Crystals are gorgeus.

      But the main reason why I bought this pedal was the Harmonizer.

      The pedal came shipped with OS version 2.3.0 (2). Wow! What a marvelous harmonizer! I could play very dynamical – soft with bends – and fast with hard attack – the pedal tracked me perfectly.

      But now!? I updated the pedal to OS version 3 Beta. The update-procedure went well. All my preset was intact. And I really appreciate the naming of presets and the output-level-adjustment.

      But the harmonizer-tracking is rather unpredictable. And playing soft makes it even worser. E.g. playing a single line in E dorian, the minor third could become a major third (?!) – a 5th could be a b5th. Very strange!

      I know this is a beta. I just wanted to point it out.

      For me, this pedal is primary a harmonizer. So this is a serious issue!

      Please! Get it as good as in version 2.3.0…

      Best wishes to You all,

      from a, otherwise, happy player.


      (sorry for my english)

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      Thanks Gerangiro,

      We are looking into this. Are you sure that nothing else has changed in your rig?


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      Nothing was changed in my rig. No aux-switches or expressionpedals interfered with the pedal. The pedal was calibrated to 440hz and my guitar was tuned.

      Major third can become a minor third.

      The pedal´s pitchdetection seems to work just fine, but it´s the algorithm´s interpretation of what to do with the 3rd – is it minor or major?

      I got a hint when reading a older post. The user got a better result when he was in play-mode and used the learn-switch. I tried the same, and it got better. But not as good as in earlier version. It´s not funny to play in Eminor and you hear a G# instead of a G…


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