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      I just bought the pitchfactor and it is great.

      However I'm finding the polyphonic chord tracking when harmonized
      at an octave above or below to be a bit lacking. Wide intervals, b9s,
      9s, and even minor 3rds can wobble a bit.

      sounds great with simple 4ths and 5ths and even major chords but
      anything else is not so stable. For instance a typical minor bar chord

      I was really hoping that it would nail octave generation of all notes in whatever chord I throw at it.

      Is there anything I can do to improve this? Add delay for more processing time? Switch input method?


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      For chords try HarModulator or PitchFlex. These Effects are chromatic and are better suited to chords. Diatonic and Quadravox track incoming notes and harmonize based on key and scale, so those Effects are better suited to lead parts.

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      Hi there.

      Still having the same issues. I've tried all of the differnt programs, harmodulator and pitchflex included. I'm acutally getting the best polyphonic octave stability on diatonic with one up and one down with about 20ms delay to allow a little more processing time for the unit to get it's pitches straight.

      Still, the unit can't handle adding octaves to chords as well as a pog…

      Any ideas?

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      Another effect you could try with chords is H910/H949 set to the MODERN type (using the Depth/Key knob.)

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