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      I am trying to get basic tempo sync between Logic and the Pitchfactor so that the harpeggiator plays in time – but the Pitchfactor does not seem to steadily keep tempo.

      E.g. song is 154 bpm. When I start the Logic song at a bar position the Pitchfactor goes to 154 and the Harpeggiator sequence starts in time. But then the Pitchfactor "drifts" to 153 after less than a second…? I have tried with the midi filter on and off – no change. Any tips from Logic users?

      (I can get greater accuracy manually setting the bpm and using the centre button to start the sequence "on the one".)

      (also when I do a tempo change in Logic the Pitchfactor takes a few seconds to get the new tempo which throws out any sync but that is another story and not so important right now)

      (Latest Logic 9.02 and Pitchfactor beta drivers)

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