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      Hey Everyone. There seems to be a general feeling in this forum that these Eventide Factor machines are fantastic and sound amazing – but are unfriendly for a gigging guitarist to control, which surprises me for a company with a reputation like Eventide.

      My first major disappointment is that I am unable to power my PitchFactor from my GigRig Generator – that is just ridiculous.

      The second major disappointment was when I realised that I can't descend through my banks of presets. if I want to go from Bank 40:2 to Bank 38:1 I have to tap dance through all the banks, which is unbelievably stupid.

      So, just to make this unit giggable I now have to buy a GigRig Evenflo to power my PF, which is £59 and also a small midi-controller so I can go between presets properly.

      Does anyone know if the Tech21 MIDI Mouse will do everything I need to bank up and down and select patches?

      Thanks in advance.

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      A cheaper option is a simple auxiliary footswitch to connect via the 1/4" jack. That gives you 3 more switches, including the ability to have both bank up and bank down (which I agree is a necessity for live playing).

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