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      Only bought this last year. The pitchfactor works fine, but when the output cable is connected (either output) the foot pedals no longer work! this has just occured today, no changes in the system. I have tried updating to latest firmware, no luck, i have reset the machine to factory default, no luck.

      Can anyone help me?

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      Serial no PF-06045 if that helps, it seems to be pretty much dead. Its only 1y and 4 months old, and even though its outside of limited manufactor warranty, i believe its still covered under the UK fair use warranty, as this item is very young, has not been used very much and is in great condition and it seems like it has broken becuase of a mechanical failure inside. As i have stated, system is fine when no output cable is connected, but freezes entirely when cable is connected to either output jack. Even the external switch doesnt work then!

      Any help from eventide would be appreciated.

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      Looking on your forum, another person had the exact same fault.

      dragdromerin posted on 09-14-2011 9:56 AM

      Hello there,

      i have a serious problem with my timefactor,

      I have the device some months,and suddenly the problem started.

      when the pedal is on power and the jack from the guitar goes in the input of the pedal, the pedal works normal, i mean the 3 switches work well the pedal works, up banks and the presets change,

      but when i put the other jack from the amplifier(or any jack i have, or any jack from another pedal) in the output position (mono or stereo,it does not matter) , the pedal 3 switch buttons stop to work normally, i push them and they work whenever they want top work,

      the same think happen when i put the aux switch in the devise( my 3 switch digitech fs300 footsitch) .the pedal dont work properly, the same think happens,

      only when i put the cables in these two positions (the output (mono and stereo) and the aux switch position. the pedal dont work,something is happening,,i can not imagine what..!!maybe static electricity ,what can i say ,, ;( i dont know!!! i am not an engineer!

      Please can you help me,,!!!

      i have serious problem due to live gigs,

      i spend a fortune on this eventide device and know i dont know what to do,

      should i send it to you..? in order to check it,.?

      i am in greece and there is no service here,

      the device i bought it from an authorized eventide usa store ,new in the box.


      On 22 July 2012 14:03, Elliot Leonard Price <> wrote:

      Correction, problem is limited to the output socket, either one. When a cable is plugged into the output socket the buttons stop working.


      On 22 July 2012 14:00, Elliot Leonard Price <> wrote:

      All my foot switches on my pitch factor have become faulty at one. They seem to work when no cables are plugged in, but any guitar cable plugged into the input or outputs seem to gak it up, and it becomes very unresponsive.

      I only purchased this around a year ago, can you help?




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      Eventide Staff

      Even though you've done it before, I would try a complete reset first. Make sure you are using the Eventide power supply.

      If this does not do it, your next step would be to contact your dealer.

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