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      Hi everybody. I'm new here, have had a pitchfactor for about 3 months now. So I've loved the pitchfactor except for 2 things that I thought I would just have to live with. the first being that everytime I used it for a harmony in diatonic mode, there was quite a jump in volume. And 2nd that there is a 1 second dip in sound sometimes when going from bypass to active. 

      Now just today I stumbled upon the solution to my first problem. If in a bypassed state, press and hold the footswitch down until it say 0db, then while holding that, turn the encoder knob to adjust the dbs. save and done. Great!  

      That gives me hope that if I found that then maybe there's a solution to my 2nd problem. now imagine your playing an awesome solo and you get to the bad azz harmony part and when you step on it the sound dips out for a second. Very distracting and annoying  plus it ruins the lead. Does anyone have a solution to this???

      By the way the pitchfactor is by itself in the fx loop of my mesa mark v. And I have tried all 3 bypasses and nothings changed.

      Also I should mention that if I turn the preset on and off before i start the song then it doesn't do it, only if I'm on another preset, bypass it, and then go to a new one

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      There is a short loading time when going from Bypass to a new Preset of a different Algorithm. You may find that going to a Preset of the same Algorithm has less loading time.

      If you're coming from Bypass you may need to pre-load the preset you want and then bypass until you're ready to use it.


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