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      I’ve had a Pitchfactor for several years and a noise issue suddenly arose. I did the last update but the issue still persists.

      When I play, I can hear a loud noise similar to a vinyl crackling, particularly when using delay effects (H910/H949, Diatonic, …). My stompbox became unplayable overnight.
      At first, the noise was always present (Bypass and ON) in DSP + FX mode. I have then switched my pitchfactor to Relay Bypass Mode and now the noise is only present when the effect is active. I tried the Pitchfactor with a guitar (passive pickups), a bass (active pickups), and a synth – before, after and without the preamp section. The problem is still showing. I also made a restoring Factory effects presets and system settings and the autotest. The results was 105E0T0.

      Could you please let me know what to do to solve this issue ?
      Thank you.

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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry you are having trouble.

      To rule out other factors, I would suggest that you use new cables to connect guitar-PF-amp, with no other connections. Also, use the Eventide power supply.

      If you still have the problem, you shoud send it in – support@eventide.com



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      Thank you for you’re reply. I’ve already test with new cables and with different guitars and amps. With only the Pitchfactor un the chain. The problem still persist. I’ve sent a mail to the support.
      Thank you

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