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      when using the diatonic mode there is an issue with the delay repeats. say i have delay A set to 1/16 notes. it repeats nice and steady until i turn dealy B past 1/16 notes. then delay A becomes longer. this happens even if the mix is set all the way to ptich A. it also happens the opposite way. if delay B is set to short repeats and the mix is all pitch B, when dealy A is turned past that setting, delay B becomes affected. 

      is anyone else having this issue? i recently updated to the new beta version, but i was having the same issue before.

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      I'm pretty sure that's the way it's supposed to work.. According to the manual "The feedback delay length is the length of either Delay A or Delay B, whichever is longer. " so if delay A was 1/16, and delay B is 1/2, you would get feedback 'loop' of 1/2 note duration. Within each 1/2 note feedback 'loop' there would be delay A 1/16 note in, and delay B 1/2 note in, or at the end (which due to the loop is also the beginning).  So it would sound like a staggered delay.

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      i see. that does make sense. i was thrown off because under diatonic it says they are independant delays, which makes me think they would operate seperately of each other.

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      Caveman is right, this is way the the delays are intended to work.  We found that is was more musical to do it this way for delayed harmonies vs. the TimeFactor method of completely independent controls on repeats. 

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