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      I would like to hear two different delays for ex: one at 800 and the other at 1600 running theme from mono input (guitar) to stereo output to two different amps.

      My intent is to play dry on the first  of three amps and wet on the other two hearing different delays

      I tried to do this, but the issue is how to exclude the delay without loosing signal on the two delayed amps when requested.

      If i try with the killdry i loose the signal, i tried to assign the mix to the expression pedal but i'm not able to do that.

      I tried to split the mono guitar cable to two mono with an a/b switcher, my guitar become two input, adding this way another input. Doing this i had two input and two output.

      Definately i'd like to exclude the dry signal from delayed amps using the expression pedal when delays are not required and have them when i want. The only way is the killdry otption but i loose the possibility to hear the dry signal in the two amps.

      Is there anybody out there??

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      If you're looking to do a typical wet/dry/wet setup then the a/b splitter should let you do that. It's not clear what the issue was when you tried that. What are you trying to do exactly?

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