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      Hi Everybody,

      I am trying to use the Pitchfactor and an expression pedal to get the Whammy effect on "Marooned" by Pink Floyd from the Divsion Bell CD.

      I am using the Pitchflex algorithm, setting the heel down note to Unison and the toe down note to +1 Octave.  The PF tracks perfectly when sweeping up an octave and back down.  Sounds great.

      My problem is I have to set the mix to 100% wet to get rid of the dry note, and I am losing the "attack" at the beginning of the picked notes with the toe down, up an octave.  There is a slight fade in to the notes when I pick them and you can really tell that it is 100% wet.

      So I have 2 questions;

      1.  Is there a better/different way to do this?

      2.  If not, how do I appeal to the engineers to take a look at this?  IS it a case of pure interest in this forum, or do I have to smuggle my PF onto Gilmour's pedalboard?Smile



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      Hey, Darrin! Well, you're doing about the same thing I am and it sounds like you're getting about the same results. If anybody's got anything that works better, I hope they post their settings!

      As for #2, it seems to me that, in general, ET does a pretty good job paying attention to this forum and what their users want/need from their pedals. Hopefully, they'll pay attention here, too. This is something that I'd hope they could improve in future versions.

      Have you tried the V3 beta? To my ears, it'is an all-around improvement, although like you, I still suffer from loss of attack with pitchflex. I don't think it's quite as noticable to non-musician's ears in a band setting, but, still, it's there, I'm aware of it, and it changes the feel of what I'm playing.

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      Hey Tim,

      I haven't tried the V3 yet, probably this week as I'm off until the New Year.  I really hope they consider the popularity of the Whammy.  From Gilmour to Satriani to Vai to Tom Morello (bigtime Whammy user), I think this could be a very big selling point.  I guess we just have to drum up interest.  So instead of just waiting and hoping, is there some way to nominate this effect for a future software release?


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      Hey, Darrin! Other than this forum, not that I know of… Of course, there's nothing stopping you from contacting ET directly at (201) 641-1200 or support@eventide.com. Do try V3, though. There are some bugs, as reported in other threads on this forum, nothing terribly serious, though. As before, I'm still not satisfied with the sound of 100% wet pitchflex, but in general, V3 is definitely an improvement.

      If anyone else would like this considered for a future update, please give this a +1!

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      Im a very new user, running the pitch factor in the fx loop of an evh mk 3 amp head.

      I was hoping to use the pitch flex for whammy effects and for occasional 'drop tuning' (down 1/2 step). and Im having trouble with the attack too, so its a +1 from me (unless Im missing something of course).

      Im absolutely loving the micro pitch algorithm for fattening up distorted guitar. Lovely.

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