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      I am attempting to control the mix parameter on my PitchFactor using an expression pedal that is connected to my MIDI controller. It sort of works, but not exactly as it should. The details:

      Exp pedal: Ernie Ball Stereo 25k Ohm pedal (stereo b/c my controller only accepts TRS connections).

      Controller: Liquid Foot Jr., which is sending a Program Change message of 0 (which corresponds to my PitchFactor preset, Bank 1:1)

      PitchFactor Settings: MIDI Rec Ctrl: Knob 0, CC 1, over MIDI channel 1 (This is all mapped to my Liquid Foot correctly) Min. Value 0. Max Value 62

      The problem: When my exp. pedal is in the heel down position, the mix level of the PitchFactor is still at 20. As I depress the pedal, the value decreases to 0 (when the pedal is about midway depressed), and then it increases again from 0 up to the max value of 62.

      Of course, what I want is for the min. value to be 0 with heel down and the max value to be 62 with toe down.

      I have tried recreating and saving my PitchFactor preset (in Bank 1:1) a few different ways. I wondered if maybe my preset had to have an initial mix value of 0 when I turn the preset on (in other words, the effect, Crystals, would be totally off), and *then* as I depressed the pedal, the mix value would go to 62. But that did not work either.

      I tried mapping the min and max values again to knob 0 two or three times in the MIDI/Rcv Ctrl menu, but it still isn't working right.

      What else should I trouble shoot? I wondered if it was an expression pedal calibration issue, but the pedal works fine with my Line 6 M9, which I also am controlling via MIDI CC for certain effects. I'm not sure how I could recalibrate it to map to the PitchFactor anyway. It's calibrated to map to my Liquid Foot, and it works very well otherwise.



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      Quick follow up: It *might* be an expression pedal calibration issue with my Liquid Foot. With my M9, I have tried using the exp. pedal to control a wah preset. I am not 100% sure yet, but I think the exp. pedal may be exhibiting the same kind of behavior with the M9 as with the PitchFactor. With the heel all the way down, the wah may still be slightly engaged. Then, as I press the pedal, it goes to 0/off, and then back up to its full value as I keep pressing. I am going to test it with other effects/presets.

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