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      Having used it for a while now a couple of things I think need addressing.

      The harmonizers have a characteristic of producing a slight 'ringing' tone with the generated notes above the input note, especially and octave above. This makes the overall sound a little artificial sounding. I think this shrillness needs taming with an EQ control.

      I have, today, noticed quite a lot of hiss produced by the unit. I was running my amp up pretty loud, with the PF in front (yes I know it should go in the loop but the amp has a loop for each of the two channels so I can only use it one one…) and the hiss was way too much. I managed to set the bypass to relay and that restored my bypassed tone but with the unit on it is too hissy.

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      Eventide Staff

      These units are usually pretty quiet. Make sure that both level switches are set to guitar.

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      Yes both set correctly.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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