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      I own a Pitchfactor, and decided to plug my volume pedal into the Pitchfactor to act as an expression pedal to control parameters. I've done so, and it works, however not quite properly. The parameters are reaching 100% way before I reach the full toe down position on my volume pedal.

      Again, not saying that the Pitchfactor is at fault, but I was wondering if anyone has had similar experiences, and ways to fix the problem. I've contacted the manufacturer for my volume pedal, but if anyone knows what's up before they do, I will gladly appreciate that.


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      Sorry, but I don't see how that solves my problem. The volume pedal I own is a Visual Sound volume pedal btw…

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      Ok guys. I've done some diagnosis on my own, and turns out it works as it should with the Boss FV-50 volume pedal, but the problem persists with both my Visual Sound volume pedals. I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that it probably isn't the Pitchfactor at fault. However, any other helpful ideas as to what's wrong is appreciated…

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      Stompboxes will work with any Expression Pedal that is a simple
      resistive load (potentiometer) with a max value of 25kOhms. For the best
      performance we recommend the Ernie Ball VP Jr. 25k.
      Connect the Output to the Eventide Stompbox Expression Pedal Input. We
      have also had success with the M-Audio MGear EX.P Expression Pedal.


      The visual volume pedal most likely does not meet this requirement.

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      Oh yeah, I missed that bit amongst all those other recommendations. Sorry and thanks for the tip. Got back from Visual Sound, and now they tell me that they use 250k ohm pots on their volume pedal, which probably explains why it's not working properly in this case. Oh well, I'll return the Visual Sound, and then go find another replacement. Thanks again.

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      I've used several exp. pedals on my PF and none of them work well. So, I got the M Audio one that is suggested. It doesn't work either. When I set a parameter to change (for instance increasing the fuzz level on the octaver setting), it doesn't hold and just goes nuts and creates it's own setting. I've followed the manual. I'm wondering if there's something wrong with my PF

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      Are you keeping the volume control,if you have one on yer pedal,to the minimum???

      I know that if I  somehow manage to accidentally bump the one on my Boss FV-500L up in volume that the expression pedal function goes ka-pooey.

      Luckily its practically impossible to accidentally do it!

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      Eventide Staff


      I'm wondering if there's something wrong with my PF

      This is possible, but unlikely. Much more likely are:

      1) bad cables- if you've tried different pedals, this may mean that you've also tried different cables, but if not ….

      2) bad connections – squirt a bit of switch cleaner (from local electrical store) onto the various plugs and work them back and forth a bit.

      If these fail, contact support@ventide.com

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      I believe the M Audio has the cable hardwired into the chassis, but I'll check and swap cables. This issue was the big problem when I used non-recommended exp. pedals.

      I'll also try the contact cleaner.



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      I have this same problem with the M Audio expression pedal – I try to set it to a 0-100 range so I can get a whammy effect and it won't go to the full octave. Was there any resolution on this? Thanks!

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      I have this same problem with the M Audio expression pedal – I try to set it to a 0-100 range so I can get a whammy effect and it won't go to the full octave. Was there any resolution on this? Thanks!

      If you're having trouble getting any expression pedal to map correctly across its range with one of our stompboxes, what you should do is turn off the expression pedal auto-calibration feature and then turn it back on; this will reset the calibration. Then, you should move your expression pedal from heel to toe until you get the stompbox to recognize the range your expression pedal moves across. Then, you should turn auto calibration off again to lock out any further changes to the mapping.

      This auto-calibration system setting appears in the more recents versions of H9 Control under pedal settings / general settings / pedal calibration, and you can find it on the stompbox itself under system settings. It's easier to adjust it in the app, but if for some reason you want to change it on the stompbox, to get to it on the stompbox, first go into system mode.  (On an H9 press the HotKnob and right footswitch, and on one of the Factor pedals press the algorithm selector encoder and the right footswitch),  Then scroll the encoder to Utils,  go into Utils by pressing the HotKnob on H9 or the algorithm selector encoder on the Factors, scroll the wheel to PDLCAL, go into PDLCAL, and use the wheel to turn the setting on and off as I described above. You can exit system settings by pressing the same buttons you pressed to get into system mode.

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