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      I have one expression pedal.  I plug into my Modfactor and control my Pitchfactor via MIDI.  Everything works well (delay time, Mix,etc.) except on some patches that expression pedal would normally control pitch shifting  The Pitchfactor display goes from 0 to 100 but there is no pitch shifting or whammy effect.  If I plug directly into the Pitchfactor it works fine.

      Both units have been upgraded to 3.5 Beta versions, This worked before upgrade

      I now have the Pitchfactor controlling  Modfactor via MIDI which I could leave this way but just wondering if there could be a bug.



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      This is a known bug. For now, the fix is to simply plug a quarter inch cable (or plug) into the expression pedal jack. You don't have to connect the other end of the cable to anything.


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      Gotcha Thanks

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