Pitchfactor failed new Production(19) Update (same problem as last time).

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      Dear Support Folks:

      I am experiencing the same problem I had the last time I tried to do an update on my Pitchfactor.

      1) Just as last time, my Timefactor and Modfactor successfully updated using your most recent web update utility.

      2) My Pitchfactor however fails during during the "write" phase of the update. I get a message "bad flash write" on the utility program screen, and the message "BAD!!!!!" on the Pitchfactor itself.

      3) I tried using the stand alone update utility that Jerome sent me last time, and just as last time, this did not help the situation.

      4) I have now tried to do the Pitchfactor update about a dozen times.  It fails at different % completions of the "write" phase of the update.  When this problem occurred in my beta(16) update, I finally succeeded after about 30 tries.

      At this point, I find it hard to believe the the problem is anywhere but in the Pitchfactor hardware itself, possibly some bad segment(s) of the flash memory.

      Here is my earlier thread concerning the prior problems with Beta(16) on the Pitchfactor.


      I made my first post as the 5th item in the thread, and the discussion continued to the end page.



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      Eventide Staff

      It may well be a hardware problem. Back to Jerome if you think so.

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