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      Hi there, big fan of the pitch factor but it seems to have been acting wierd on starting up. All the lights come on, even those on the led text display and then remain on. Eventually the PF sorts itself out and works as should, but this has lead to a few tense moments before shows which I could honestly do without sometimes! Does this sound like a software issue to you guys or has something happened to the box? I’ve had it for two months, and it has been kept in the pristinest of conditions so this is a little surprising to me. I haven’t got any photo’s of what’s happening but I will try to take some to post a bit later on. Sorry for the lack of formatting – first time poster!  Best wishes – David

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      Eventide Staff

      Unclear what the problem is, unfortunately. A few questions:

      1) How long do the lights all stay on ?

      2) Have you tried "Restoring Factory System Settings" as described in the UM ? If not, please do.

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