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      I recently purchased a pitchfactor and am having an issue with the pitchflex. I have one preset saved and intermittenly when i recall the preset it calls up the wrong pitch not the one i saved. I thought it might be a midi issue but i was able to make it do it recalling the preset unhooked from midi using just the pedal as well. One thing i have noticed is that with midi or just using the pedal, if you use the flex switch then back it reverts back to the proper pitch.   


      Any help is appreciated. 

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      Well, I updated the pedal to the latest software and so far tonight it is working fine. So, I may have solved my own problem. 

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      Eventide Staff

      Yeah, I was about to write that I remember this being an old bug and that you should update the pedal.  So….. way to be ahead of the game!  Let us know if you still have problems with this issue after the update.  

Viewing 2 reply threads
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