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      I did not want to post this here but no one has answered my emails in 2 weeks.

      1) i have barely used my pitchfactor which i bought NEW

      2) left footswitch is already requiring multiple presses and

      is by far the least-used failed switch i have ever seen

      3) i cannot reset this to factory specs. i did RTFM.

      4) i have considered updating software to fix 3) and perhaps it will also help 2)

      4) my eventide account exists

      5) my registration no longer exists

      6) cannot download update without registration

      7) trying to re-register results in INCORRECT serial number

      i've tried to enter it in every format exactly as printed, all caps,

      non caps, no special characters

      – – – – no replies to emails is kind of adding insult to injury as I am

      kind of bummed about the apparent early hardware component failure

      and software/reinitializing failure and frustrating web support

      and now absent customer service . . .

      Can I get a little help here??

      you can use the email in my eventide account to reply or just lay it all out here

      seriously this is the most dissatisfying musical investment I've made thus far

      and i am BUMMED to say that

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      Eventide Staff

      We're sorry you are unhappy.

      I would suggest you contact support@eventide.com regarding the faulty switch and registration problems – please give full information, including name of dealer and your personal details, and serial number.

      Not sure why you need to reset to factory specs – but assuming you do – what are you doing, and what happens as a result ?

      Note that there is a national holiday at present, and you are unlikely to get a reply until next week.

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      i'll email support at your suggestion. a 3rd time now in 3 weeks. hopefully i'll get a reply. thanks.

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      Eventide Staff


      Multiple emails have been sent to you as responses to your emails to support.  Please check to see if they have gone into your Spam folder, as we have not received any 'undeliverable' messages from our email server. Let me know if you can find them. If not, then I'll give you my direct contact info.


Viewing 3 reply threads
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