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      i plugged an aux switch into my pitchfactor and everything works but the learn feature isn't working properly! It say's learn but doesn't change keys when I use it. It also doesn't allow me to change with the foot switch on the eventide box. When it's on a preset that uses the flex feature it works fine. i used the aux pedal with my Space unit and it works fine. Any suggestions?

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      You may want to check that the aux switches aren't already assigned to other things (Aux switches can be assigned to control more than one function.)

      De-assigning other functions may be what you need to do to get things working properly…


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      Just a thought.  Check to see that the aux switch has a momentary action, not latching.  I've used a latching action switch with most of the Flex functions (for special effects, and in certain situations, like doubling the MicroPitch pitch shift maximum).  But the LEARN function in the diatonic modes does *not* respond well to latching.

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