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      I am considering getting a Pitchfactor, but one thing from the manual re MIDI puzzles me.  It seems as though, if you use an external MIDI controller to switch between presets, then the PF is not then able to send a MIDI Program Change out.  I would just like to be able to control another MIDI capable pedal by "mapping" one preset number from the PF to the preset number of another device.

      The manual says unless you change preset via footswitch, it won't send any MIDI out messages. Am I reading this wrong?  Or is the that the only way to get any MIDI out upon change of a preset.?

      I would hope at least the MIDI through option would work if you made sure to match the preset numbers on both devices to the same MIDI PC number.  

      Thanks for any insight!

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      Well, as you mentioned, if you set PitchFactor to transmit all the MIDI messages it receives through to its MIDI output, it will still respond to program changes it receives from your external MIDI controller by loading presets but it will also pass those messages through to other devices in the chain.  I think that would be the way to do this…  Also, if your external MIDI controller let's you send multiple program change messages from one button, you could put other program change messages on a different MIDI channel and set PitchFactor to ignore that channel.

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