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      I updated my pitch factor from 2.3.0(2) to 3.0.0(19)  but ran into a problem. The diatonic and quadravox efx don't plug the correct notes in. For example, in diatonic mode I set the key and scale to Amaj and the pitches to +3rd and -3rd. When I played an A note the following notes were C and F, both not in the A maj scale. To me this suggests that the software is not computing correctly.  When I switch back to 2.3.0 and make the same settings, I get the correct notes, C# and F#.

      After consulting tech support, I spent a long time over the last several days going back and forth between the two software versions and checking things. Here is what I came up with.

      First off. There is no difference in loudness between both versions. When I switch back and forth between both and don't change any levels on the guitar, amp or efx loop on the amp, then the output is the same. 

      Some key facts are that the PitchFactor is in the serial efx loop of my Rivera Fandango amp. When I am testing this, I don't have any other efx between the guitar and amp. As well, the PitchFactor is first in the efx loop of my amp and is followed by the three other Eventide stompboxes.

      In Diatonic and Quadravox modes:  

      When I check the input level meter in V3.0.0(19), it only makes it 1/2 way or less to the bar with normal string plucks and the notes aren't tracked correctly. If I pluck hard, the meter gets 3/4 way

      or more to the bar and tracks correctly (mostly).

      When I turn the send level on the efx loop or the volume on the amp up, I can get better tracking with normal plucks. If I pluck softly, I lose that good tracking 

      If I take the PitchFactor out of the efx loop and put it in front of the amp (and turn the volume up), it tracks properly with normal plucks, but not soft ones.

      I tried booster pedals in different positions (efx loop and in front of the amp) and it had a similar

      outcome to turning the send level or volume up.

      When I play in V2.3.0(2), I can play at the normal bedroom volumes I have been playing at and

      get consistently good tracking. I can even play softly and it will still track well. This is the way the diatonic and quadravox modes should work in the new software. The Pitchfactor should be in the

      efx loop of the amp in these modes, and I should be able to play dynamically and at lower volumes if need be. 

      It seems to me that the problem lies in the design of the new software. Is there a way to re-calibrate the input level meter in the new software so that it is more sensitive? 

      Has anyone else noticed these problems playing in these conditions? 

      The tech folks have not had this problem, but I am not sure if they were playing in the efx loop of an amp, at low/bedroom volumes, and plucking softly.

      Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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      Had the same issue – went back to 2.3. I can't upload the 3.5 as the updater hangs at "checking device" (new Powerbook, OS Lion)

      Any chance of getting the Aux switch to hold pitches? Or an option to get nice vibrato/tremolos/??? rather than the fuzz/filters? I suspect many guitarists like myself have their own separate fuzzes/eqs/wahs and might prefer more subtle tone shaping inside the PF.

      All in all a useful tool; irked I lost an afternoon's practice doing the upload/download dance but I'm not in Afghanistan so no big deal.

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