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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry – these are not known problems – I would suggest that you check your cables and go through all the MIDI settings one by one.


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      All MIDI settings are correct and cables are fine.
      Typical dummy-proof response, but there is something strange going on.
      I’ve set it up exactly the same as before the update.
      I know what to look for.

      I’ve already totally reset the device and set it up fresh.
      Simple MIDI CLK in (for tap-tempo), and patch change (to follow TimeFactor host/master).

      What else can I do?


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      Since latest update to V5.2.0(6) –

      1) PitchFactor is no longer receiving patch change from TimeFactor

      2) PitchFactor is no longer responding to MIDI CLK in from external footswitch (tap tempo)


      I have done a complete reset with no change.

      MIDI cables are hooked up correctly.  MIDI set to OMNI, etc.


      Any idea what could’ve changed?



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      Eventide Staff

      Apologies for telling you stuff you already know, but one has to cover those first.

      Is it safe to assume that you are using DIN MIDI, and that the USB cable is physically disconnected ?

      If you go to MIDI/CLK IN and select ON, does the ON flash ? If it does, it means it's not seeing the MIDIclock. If it does not, it means it's receiving the MIDIclock and something else is wrong.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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