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      The patch edit indicator light had been randomly coming on after my Pitchfactor powers up.  This happens without any knobs being disturbed, and did not seem to be an issue until I upgraded my firmware, disconnected a Moog EP-2, and connected a Digitech FS3 to the unit.  Banks1, 2, and 9 seem to be consistently affected.  As far as I can tell, no settings are actually altered when the issue occurs.  I have the knob lock feature enabled.  Does anyone know what the cause may be and how to correct the problem?

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      Eventide Staff

      Assuming you refer to the top right led of the display:

      Apologies – this is a bug, where presets can load with this illuminated (it should be turned off when a new preset is loaded).

      It is fixed in the eagerly awaited forthcoming TF and MF release, and will be fixed in a future PF release. No date at present.

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