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      On the pitchflex setting, you can set the pitch in toe or heel to 'off' – so that it mutes the processed signal in that position.  However, it doesn't change the overall mix of dry to wet signal.  It seems like, for most whammy-like purposes, you'd like 100% wet signal while using the pedal, and then when moving to the 'off' position, like for it to switch to 100% dry when the wet signal is muted.  Is there any way to set that up?

      My fear is that there isn't, because all of the pitchflex factory settings use the 'unison' pitch settings rather than the 'off' settings.  Unfortunately, the 'unison' setting still runs your signal through the processing, with noticeable effect on the tone.  Zoom's G2 processor implement the pitch shift where it fades from dry to wet as soon as you move the pedal, so that you can leave the pedal on all of the time and have immediate access to whammy effects.

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      I absolutely love my Pitchfactor….. but that is the *one* disappointing thing I've found about it too and the sole reason why I don't use the pitchflex feature. 

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      I'm looking for workarounds.  If you use an external switch you can map it to pitchflex and wet/dry mix- as soon as you step on the switch it kills dry and the pitches changes at the determined rate. I haven't tried it yet but think it should work.

      Seems like this would be an easy software fix – let's make some noise!

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      Agree with this 100% The coloration of the “unison”tone is a bummer.

      That said- I think it is way more transparent if you are only using ONE of the channels?

      Lie.. I set a the pitch mix to A10/B0.. and just flex the A channel– I think the unison tone is almost transparent this way. I kow you lose some fun.. but It’s not as bleh.

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