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      I'm possibly interested in purchasing the Pitchfactor and wondered if anyone can offer some input as to how it handles chords, and what the best polyphonic settings are for the unit. I'm a huge Allan Holdsworth fan and have been looking for a long time for a reasonably priced pitch shifting device that can harmonize chords as heard in "Metal Fatigue" and "Panic Station" and keep the harmonies in tune. I have a Boss PS-5 that can do chords in a non-diatonic capacity (parallel intervals) but some of the harmonies are noticeably out of tune, especially in the bass strings, and the harmonies warble badly as a result. I would think the Eventide box could do a lot better, but I've heard mixed reviews about its chord-handling. Granted, I've also heard Holdsworth was using a Ripley Stereo guitar through his old rack-mount Eventide when he cut that album, but I was hoping to at least be able to get close with the Pitchfactor.

      I appreciate the input…Thanks!

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      Hi Geolocks

      pitch shifting works better with monophonic sources, as a general way of handling harmonies. Nevertheless sources of 2 or 3 notes as perfect 4ths, 5ths and octaves are shifted ok. Our latest generation shifter can also handle simple triads. Beyond these intervals, you may get variable results.

      Allan used 2nds and 4ths/5ths and octaves on those 2 songs (I.O.U and Metal Fatigue). You should be able to replicate those sounds.



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