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      I have 1 month old Pitchfactor that worked fine out of box. When I started using it for a few weeks I powered up and it displayed "UPDATE". I updated to V3, the problem is it did not finish and I canceled. After it updated cancel. Update Utility showed that it was updated to V3. I disconnected from Utility Updater and re-booted the Pitchfactor. As soon as it booted it displayed "UPDATE". Now the Pitchfactor is stuck displaying "UPDATE" permanently.


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      Eventide Staff

      It sounds like it has a problem with its program memory – if it can't find the main program, it will remain in UPDATE mode.

      You could try the update again, but the fact that it did this before you tried updating it suggests that there is a hardware problem.

      I would suggest that you contact your dealer or support@eventide.com. Sorry.

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