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      So I recently bought a Pitchfactor. Mostly I need a harmonizer to
      harmonize a few melodies in thirds. Previously I'd been using the
      Harmonist setting on a BOSS ME-50, which, as far as I know, is the same
      as the Harmonist settings on the BOSS PS-5.

      To get right to the point, the Pitchfactor does not harmonize in
      diatonic thirds as well as the ME-50.

      The ME-50 isn't perfect, but it definitely sounds better than the
      Pitchfactor. The Pitchfactor does not track as well, and unless I'm
      playing very slowly, the harmonized pitch is often sort of warbly.

      I'm using these settings: Diatonic, Wet mix at 45, Pitch Mix A10 B0,
      Pitch A +3rd, Pitch B Unison, Delay A 0ms, Delay B 0ms, Key E:MAJ, Scale
      E:MAJ, Feedback A at 0, Feeback B at 0

      I tried out a friend's Pitchfactor with the same settings and had the
      same problem. I doubt that it's a tuning issue, because I play in
      standard tuning, tune to the Pitchfactor's tuner, had a full set up to
      fix my intonation just a couple of months ago, and don't need new
      strings. Besides, if it were a tuning issue it would affect the ME-50 as

      So, any ideas? Looking for suggestions and possible fixes..

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi Jeremy,

      The first thing to check is that you are getting enough signal level to the PF.  To do so, make sure that your PF is switched to instrument input.  After that, are you playing chords or single notes?  Are you playing a lot of out of key notes like g-natural in an E-MAJ scale (if you are you might want to switch to E-Chromatic)?  Is the PF after a lot of distortion (it generally handles distortion quite well, but I'm curious as this might have an effect)?  Finally, in difficult tracking situations it might help to add ~10 mS of delay to the shifted voice.  You shouldn't have to do this, but it does make the pitch tracking a bit more robust.


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      Thanks, Dan.

      The Input Level switch (on the back) is on Guitar and the instrument input setting is on Guitar as well (as opposed to Bass or Synth or whatever the other options are). Same thing with the second PF I tried.

      I'm playing single notes, and none of them are outside of the key. There are no effects in front of, or after, the PF (except for my amp's reverb, which should have no effect).

      I'll try adding a little delay and see if that helps.

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